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Our Software

We make software for visualizing vibration. Clear Motion ODS is a program for animating measured vibration. It is designed for animation of both Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) as well as Impact Response measurements. Our other product (Clear Motion DAQ) is a program for collecting ODS/Impact Response data with a tablet PC or laptop.

What is an Operating Deflection Shape (ODS)?

An Operating Deflection Shape (or ODS) consists of vibration measurements taken at various points on a machine or structure. The measurements are taken while the machine is operating. Clear Motion ODS is a software package designed for building structural models, and applying measured values to the models to generate animations of the structural motion.

What is an ODS used for?

An ODS has many uses:

What is an Impact Response?

An impact response measurement consists of one or more vibration measurements on a structure. Unlike an ODS, an impact response measurement is taken when the machine is not in operation. Instead, the measured vibration is in response to a hammer impact on the machine.

What is an Impact Response used for?

When a structure is impacted, it will respond at the structure natural frequencies. The shape of the vibration will correspond to the modeshapes of the structure.