Troubleshooting Vibration Problems

Periodic vibration measurements are commonly used to monitor machinery condition. Increasing vibration levels or changing vibration signatures are a sign of a potential problem. The problem may be a simple as a loose bolt, or it may be more complicated.

Armed with a series of vibration measurements, you can determine if changes are happening. However, it can be very difficult to truly understand the measurements. That is where ODS and impact response measurements can be of tremendous benefit. For example:

Effective Communication

As the last item above mentioned, sometimes the hardest job is communicating the nature of a problem (with supervisors, co-workers, contractors, etc.). When describing a vibration problem, a clear picture of the motion can often show the nature of a problem in a few seconds, while showing them a vibration spectrum might provide very little insight. When everyone understands a problem, it is easier to work together to develop an effective fix.